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About Ceritar

Founded in 1996, Ceritar Technologies is a software development firm specialized in warehousing, distribution an transportation management systems.

Our goal is to offer businesses of all sizes robust solutions incorporating all the required tools to support best practices in the industry.

We are continuously working on innovative solutions that allow warehousing, distribution or transportation companies to react in real time to their daily realities, These solutions aim to optimize all of your business processes and ensure adequate control, in accordance with the highest standards of the industry.

We build end-to-end solutions for businesses of all sizes

We offer dynamic software solutions to warehousing, distribution and transportation companies enabling them to:.

  • Improve productivity and profitability;
  • Simplify the planning and monitoring of operations
  • Control and optimize their operations

In addition to software engineering, we offer consulting services to ensure our customers will get the best out of our solutions starting with a proper installation, software maintenance, user training and support and allow them to gain a competitive advantage within their organisation.

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Partner Network

Ceritar works closely in collaboration with key partners in the industry. For our customers, the partner program ensures that most of the software and hardware they already use can be integrated directly into their Ceritar software,

Ceritar partner program allows to provide customers with local services through a network of industry specialists.

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Join a growing company with a great history and a bright future.

We are a committed team that remains focused on a common vision: to provide the transportation and warehousing industry with the best business solutions to improve efficiency, provide superior customer service and ensure long-term profitability.

As a company driven by ideas and innovation, we consider our employees to be the most important resource for serving our customers and achieving success.

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