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A place where everyone can grow!

Whatever your experience, your goals,
we have opportunities for everyone.

Company benefits

Ceritar provides competitive benefits to its team. We review our benefits every year to stay up to date.

Internal and external surveys are conducted regularly to ensure that we remain competitive in the job market and that we incorporate elements that our employees value.

We offer you the best formula to ensure a healthy personal-professional life

We give you time to go about your personal occupations such as family, rest and your passions.

  • Do you want to come back to the office later today?
    No problem.
  • Need to leave earlier today?
    No problem. You can catch up on these hours at another time.
  • Would you like to work from home?
    Still no problem.

Our RRSP is very advantageous, you contribute, we contribute.

The best person to recommend us is you, that’s why we offer a bonus of $ 500 or an equivalent article when you recommend a colleague who stays in office for more than 1 year.

Learning and evolving is very important, we give you 40 hours a year to improve your skills. Whether through videos, training or seminars.

We want to ensure your progress and your happiness with us.

We carry out several annual meetings in order to review your performance but also your satisfaction and your objectives.

We encourage you to improve your skills.You wish to take a course or obtain a certification on something that could bring added value to our team.

We reimburse the fees and strongly encourage you to do so.

But above all, joining the Ceritar team is mainly an opportunity to…

  • Take place in a stable company, recognized worldwide and growing.
  • Join a team of talented and motivated people who strive for excellence.
  • Be part of a team that recognizes your skills and potential.
  • Work in a stimulating environment.
  • Have flexibility when it comes to your career plan.
  • Access to professional development, training and tools to help you grow.
  • Have a chance to work with us 🙂

Thinking of joining our team?

Bring everything you are and start your dream career with us.

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