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A strategic ecosystem

The Ceritar Partner program is an ecosystem of people, services and systems designed to provide partners with world class solutions for sale and the highest quality training, support and activation in the industry.

Our goal is to have a team of qualified partners, committed to growing with Ceritar, developing their activities and staying at the top of the market, while offering customers innovative technological suites that are beautiful, functional and easy to use. .

Why partner with Ceritar?

Our partnership program aims to evolve the transportation and warehousing industry with the best technologies and practices in the industry, with a network of passionate and dedicated partners.

Working in partnership with Ceritar is simple and easy.

Ceritar is the only company to offer a complete suite of cloud, SaaS and on-premise solutions, proven and specialized in the transportation and warehousing industry, offering the flexibility and functionality to acquire and retain customers.

Sales and installation – Deployment, optimization and maintenance

Ceritar partners can help you better implement, optimize and maintain your software solution.

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