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MyCeritar TMS Cloud: Transport management has never been easier!

From order taking to billing, through fleet management and distribution MyCeritar simplifies your operations, increases your productivity and ensures your compliance.

MyCeritar Cloud – Online Transportation Management System

Simplify your transport management.
Give your business global visibility and optimal control.
Optimize order taking, dispatch and invoicing …

All in real time!

  • SaaS solution
  • Simple and efficient transportation management solution
  • Ability to configure and automate your processes
  • Powerful Driver App

Why MyCeritar for transport management?

Transport management solutions from Ceritar allow you to automate your processes and work more efficiently.

Facilitate your decision-making, integrate your processes and provide real-time information to your employees with solutions adapted to your business.

Ensure your compliance

Optimize your routes


Increase the efficiency of your workforce


Reduce your operating costs,
increase your profit!

Key Features

Administrative Features:

  • Order entry
  • Rating
  • Billing
  • Appointment management
  • Fleet management
  • Driver pay
  • Document Management

Operations features:

  • Dispatch
  • Road optimization
  • Load optimization

Driver APP:

  • DVIR
  • Road Sheet
  • GPS Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Signature capture
  • Hours of service
  • Driver Behavior

Why consider a Cloud transport management system
from Ceritar?

Easy Order entry

MyCeritar allows you to create orders for LTL, full loads and logistics in a simple and intuitive way.

Thanks to Ceritar’s proven pricing grids, be sure to invoice the right amount for all movements according to the agreements specific to each of your customers.

Ensure your profitability with an integrated cost simulation tool to ensure the profitability of movements.

Automatically determine if the movement will be made by your company or with the help of a joint carrier.

With MyCeritar order management, your dispatchers get complete information on the loads.

An intelligent dispatch

Do more with less.

MyCeritar can increase the efficiency of your operations.

Synchronize routes according to needs, operations and equipment availability.

Quickly locate the driver and the appropriate equipment for the task for specific work.

Automate the entry of information for all operations.

Notify your drivers automatically to keep them on track.

Route optimization

MyCeritar allows you to manage all the factors that influence the best routes for your business.

The advanced routing system takes into account compliance with the pickup and delivery windows, driver preferences, availability ratios and more. Everything to allow your drivers to be more efficient and minimize travel times and distances:

  • Easily create optimized routes that listen to your business needs
  • Increase your drivers efficiency
  • Reduce mileage
  • Reduce fuel costs

Driver APP

Ceritar simplifies communications with your drivers.

Equip your drivers with a powerful Driver appt:

  • Perform DVIR ensure your compliance
  • Allow your drivers to collect their hours of service (HOS)
  • Efficiently manage your roadsheets
  • Automate updates in real time
  • Communicate with drivers in real time
  • Get your customers to sign
  • And even more…

Ensure your compliance

To ensure your compliance seems complicated? Our solutions are not.

We made it easier to manage compliance by removing paper and simplifying the process:

  • Hours of service (HOS)
  • DVIR
  • IFTA reports

Reports, KPIs and performance

MyCeritar offers complete and configurable dashboards according to different business contexts.

MyCeritar allows you to generate a multitude of forms and reports. Your company wishes to personalize or supplement these, no problem, our team will be happy to meet your requirements by adapting them according to the needs of your organization.

A true business partner
who listens to your needs

You want to speed up the implementation of your Ceritar solution, ensure its use go to the cloud, personalize your solution, optimize your IT systems, or simply innovate? The Ceritar team is here to help you.

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