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Autowmate by Ceritar:
Simply the best towing software

Autowmate is a web-based all-in-one towing management system.
It optimizes and automates every process that your management team and your operators have to execute daily.

Advanced towing management system
and roadside assistance

Simplify your operations.
The Autowmate solution is a global solution for private fleets, police calls, transport, local calls, contract management, poundage and more!

All in real time!

  • Cloud deployment
  • Global solution
  • Ability to configure and automate your processes
  • Flexible data collection

Why Autowmate?

Automate your operations, simplify your management and facilitate your decision-making,

integrate your processes and provide real-time information to your employees with solutions tailored to your business.


Increase your efficiency

Automate your operations

Simplify your compliance management

Integrate with Sykes

Key features

Administrative functions:

  • Order entry
  • Contract management
  • Pricing management
  • Submission tracking
  • CSR quality assurance
  • Driver’s pay
  • Automated Billing
  • Credit card management
  • CRM

Operation functions:

  • Classic Dispatch
  • Map based visual dispatch
  • Fleet management
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Pound management

Driver functions:

  • DVIR
  • Hours of service
  • Assignment management
  • Spot orders
  • Geolocation and geofencing
  • Electronic payments

How is Autowmate different?

Autowmate has been designed in partnership with well-established companies to adequately meet your needs.

Based on our transport management solutions, Autowmate benefits from all aspects of compliance management, route optimization, and management of picking and delivery restrictions.

With Autowmate you can:

  • Provide your business with a centralized, state-of-the-art solution
  • Use google places of interest for order taking
  • Automate business rules to ensure compliance and profitability of your operations
  • Provide your business with a real-time management solution to plan and track costs and margins
  • Be able to manage large volumes of data

A true business partner
who listens to your needs

You want to speed up the implementation of your Ceritar solution, ensure its use go to the cloud, personalize your solution, optimize your IT systems, or simply innovate? The Ceritar team is here to help you.

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