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Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) for 3PL, 4PL & PRW

The Ceritar 3PL warehousing system is designed specifically for multi-client or dedicated 3PL warehouse operations in dry and / or temperature-controlled environments.

The Ceritar WMS for 3PL was built in partnership with 3PL experts who master the complexity of logistics operations.

Advanced warehouse management system for 3PLs

Manage all of your 3Pl warehousing and outsourcing operations.
Give your business global visibility and ultimate control over customer agreements, standardized pricing and automated billing.
Optimize inventory monitoring, cross-docking, distribution operations, etc.

All in real time!

  • On-site and cloud deployment
  • Global and modular warehouse solution
  • Ability to configure and automate your processes
  • Flexible and scalable data collection
  • truly built for 3PL/4PL/PRW

Why invest in a Ceritar 3PL?

Ceritar Warehouse management system for 3PL allow you to automate your processes and work more efficiently.. It manages and simplify your customers requirements to ensure you meet their expectations

Facilitate your decision-making, integrate your processes and provide real-time information to your employees with solutions adapted to your business.

Simplify and facilitate your annual inventory taking

Automate your processes

Achieve up to 99.9% inventory accuracy

Improve the use of your warehouse space by up to 20%

Increase your productivity up to 40%


Achieve up to 99% order accuracy


Increase the efficiency of your workforce

Ensure your compliance

Key features

Receiving features:

  • Order management
  • Receipt tracking
  • Inspection
  • Manual and directed put-away
  • Docks management
  • Trans-load management
  • Document Management
  • Customer warehouse receipts

Inventory management features:

  • Complete product management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer specific storage rules
  • Multi-format management
  • Stock availability management
  • Detentions, quarantines
  • In-Transit Management
  • Batch management
  • Serial numbers management
  • GS1 Management – EAN / SCC – UPS – SSCC
  • Date management (Production, packaging, expiration)
  • Full traceability

Fonctions d’expédition:

  • Order management
  • Order picking
  • Configurable picking
  • Loading control
  • Door management
  • Shipping dock management
  • Trailer and yard management.

3PL, 4PL. PRW features:

  • Customer agreements
  • Multi-owner product management
  • Cross contamination management
  • Activity management
  • Management of multi-owner cohabitation
  • Automated billing
  • Customer portal
  • Automated emails
  • EDI, XML, WebAPI

Why the Ceritar 3PL warehouse management solution?

Ceritar’s warehouse management solutions (WMS) for 3PL, 4PL and PRW significantly reduce the complexity of your operations, automate your processes in a 100% integrated manner.

With Ceritar 3PL warehouse management system you can:

  • Provide your business with a centralized, state-of-the-art solution
  • Use the latest technologies to optimize and integrate all of your warehouse management processes
  • Maximize visibility and control across all sites simultaneously
  • Automate business rules to ensure compliance and profitability of your operations
  • Provide your business with a real-time management solution to plan and track costs and margins
  • Be able to manage large volumes of data in exemplary timeframes
  • Offer peace of mind to your 3PL customers

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